There are two sides to every story.....

His Side

Osato's story begins in 2019, but mine begins in 2017 when I first heard about her while visiting an Uncle and Aunt in California. I saw her pictures on facebook and I was stunned. They began to tell me all about her and I wondered...."Beautiful, bold, educated, and saved? Why is she single?". I read every entry of her blog, gleamed at her photos, and wondered what the story was behind them. 

Of course, being the sharp guy that I am, I sent a facebook friend request but Auntie didn’t even accept it. I think at that time she was out of the country so I waited a while but never got a response. I was going to shoot my shot again on instagram but felt the urge not to. Almost like it wasn't the right time. I left it alone and assumed it wasn't meant to be.

Fast forward exactly one year later.

A lot happened within that time; many different experiences, a lot of growth, a lot more maturity, a lot of listening, and a whole lot of learning. It was December 2018 and I was back again visiting my Uncle and Aunt in California for winter break and somehow Osato’s name came up. This time I was a bit cautious so I told them to ask her if she'd like to meet someone new. Once she responded to them, we messaged for a few days and then she went on a fast.

After her fast was over....we continued to get to know one another. 
After a short time of texting and calling...she made it very clear that she was not comfortable meeting up any time soon. Her boundaries were set. The only leeway she gave me was for me to meet her at a random conference she planned on going to. She sent me the registration link and I dropped 275 dollars to go somewhere I knew nothing about.  

We met face to face for the first time at a the Bethel Campus Fellowship Conference in the chilly mountains of North Carolina and funny enough... it was beautiful....and cold. I got to see her love for God and Gods people in action. We got to meet and talk even though she was annoyyyyinggggggg......

I liked her. Then..loved her.

Of course because of my amazing personality I knew Osato had fallen in love with me on the first day, but she was styling for almost another 5-6 months, until I threatened her (Just kidding).


After a while, I was told to leave her alone and move on. I contemplated it... but couldn't see life without her. I kept pursuing and pursuing because I knew this was who the Lord had for me..... and who I wanted. She finally said yes to courtship and then eventually marriage. Although the process was arduous... she was well worth it. 


The months that followed were filled with the adventures of experiencing her strong personality, her kind heart, her always crying about everything nature(LOL), unique sense of style (love it), and travel stories. Osato can tell storiessssssss man (exaggerator). We went on amazing dates together and I am looking forward to many more. I started to meet her community and realized that beside the fact that she was an amazing person, she had also surrounded herself with some of the best people (Hola Friends). I met her friends and many many....many family members and I knew I could see myself around them forever.

I cannot wait to do life with her.

I found the one my soul loves.

When you know.

Her Side

My life has been an adventure thus far. Nothing turns out like I plan or expect but it always seems to turn out right. 


It was always my desire to be married one day but my twenties have been so unpredictable, I never knew how it would happen. One day I am working in DC, the next Alabama and Texas, and then I'm on a plane to some foreign country. After a while, I threw marriage in the back of my mind and began focusing on myself , my relationship with God, and my career. 

Let's just say that did not work very well in a Nigerian household. I began to get all the questions from the Nigerian Aunty Gang. 

"Osato where is your husband?"- They would say.

"Aunty, where are your eyebrows."- I reply in my head.

"Aunty, he is coming."- Was the reply out loud.


A few years, prayers, and experiences later.... 

  It was New Years Eve, December 2018 and my family and I flew to Dallas, Texas to witness my older brother, Uyi Uzamere get married to his medical school sweetheart, Yasmin Chin, now Yasmin Uzamere. After the wedding, I headed back to D.C. for work and on January 1, 2019...Yohanan showed up out of thin air. Literally. 

I received a random text message from a family friend saying something like, "Happy New Year Osato. My husband has a nephew and I think you both should be friends". If you know me well, you know I don't do hook-ups. I'd rather meet someone organically, and on my own terms. I have been introduced to a plethora of people and it rarely ends well. So just to be respectful, I sent back a friendly response. Two hours later I get a, "Happy New Year" message from an unknown number. We texted randomly back and forth for  a few days and then it was  time to  go on my 21-day fast to get focused and ready for the year. I told Yohanan that while fasting from food, I did not want to entertain him too much, social media, or anything else that I didn't need to. He replied, "Alright, talk to you later. Enjoy your time in God's presence. I will be praying for you. "

I thought this was the most cliche, Christian millennial answer ever. Like who are you..... Jesus? What kind of name is Yohanan anyway?

I laughed and thought that was the end of that. 


During the fast, the Lord began to speak to me about so many things in my life... weirdly enough... including Yohanan.

Yohanan? What? I just met that guy, I thought.

I quickly got a few friends, family, and mentors involved to pray and counsel me because I felt that my life was changing fast. On January 25th, my fast was over and I get a random message...

"Hey, stranger... ?" 

I answered but kept my boundaries. We continued to get to know each other by building a solid intentional friendship. 

The rest is history....


His Godly pursuit was unmatched. His personality is amazing. His patience is surprising. His consistency is inspiring. His intellect is incredible. His goofiness is tiring. His strength is comforting. His discipline is worth emulating. His total surrender is reassuring. His love for God is refreshing. 

Oh.... and duh he's cute. 

After 5 or 6 months of necessary vetting...

I said yes to Courtship in May and 

 yes to Marriage in November. 

I love that guy and that's that.